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WhosWho TNT wanted to create a custom website that was easy for international companies to locate companies in Trinidad and Tobago. The company wanted to become an online portal for information about companies in Trinidad and Toabgo to assist with the knowledge of staff but also assist with international companies feeling a level of comfort from the viability of the website. Being one of the largest Business to Business Magazine companies in Trinidad, the company also wanted to be able to be easily found on search engines.



Difference Engine’s researched the magazine and understood the structure of the company and implemented it the website. The website was custom designed and programmed that included profiles, search tabs, messaging, logins for companies to interact with each other on the site. We also conducted a small digital marketing campaign to assist with keyword recognition of the site to assist with the optimization. 


WhosWho TNT’s site is one of the top websites when searching for businesses in Trinidad and Tobago. The company’s website is user-friendly and allows  prospective international business clients to easily access Trinidadian companies. WhosWho TNT is one of the country’s most visited websites and continues to be at the forefront as it is the leading B2B directory for Trinidad and Tobago.

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