Millcreek Bath and Kitchen

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The company was formerly known as Plumbing Warehouse, however in May 2015 they moved into their new location and rebranded the company Millcreek Bath and Kitchen. The company rebranded and remarketed the company with our designers and programmers. The company’s main desire was to be able for prospective customers to have a complete online product catalogue so they would be able to browse through majority of the stores products. The company also desired an SEO campaign to increase awareness in the area.



We first created a logo for Millcreek and then custom designed the front-end of the website. Our programmers then custom-coded a back-end for the admin (owner/employees) to be able to update and add products. We also implemented a search function for the customers to be able to easily find their desired product. Difference Engine also implemented a digital marketing campaign that included: SEO, SMM, and a Google Ad campaign for customers in the area to be able to start recognizing the brand.


Millcreek Bath and Kitchen started to receive a high conversion from the digital marketing campaign, specifically the Google Ads. With the website having a high level of visual appeal it proved to assist with the amount of customers inquiring about products on the company’s site. The company was able to have over a 200% ROI and continues to do conduct a variety of digital marketing campaigns. The company stopped spending money on print advertising and chose to focus on Inbound Marketing, which they say provides a higher ROI.

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