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Bullrack Truck Repair has been operational for over 3 years in the Greater Toronto Area, however the company did not have a system to assist with the inventory and accounting. The company did not know where its highest level of productivity was coming from and wanted to start being able to know how much of each part was in stock. The company desired a system for customization to be able to know how much parts were used for each oil change, part repair etc.




Our company analyzed Bullrack’s company and spent weeks understanding the transactions and the usage of general parts and inventory. Our programmers created a custom coded software to manage their inventory and the accounting. With the company having monthly maintenance packages for their customers, we created an algorithm to assist with a week notice for when the company needed to re-stock on that specific inventory item. His system was also able to estimate how much parts, or oils was used for a specific job to assist with his logistics. Our team also assisted with creating a website to assist with individuals searching online for his diesel mechanic services.


Bullrack Truck Repair approached Difference Engine to assist with the company’s transition from being a diesel mechanic shop, to being a fleet of mobile diesel trucks. Difference Engine assisted the company in rebranding as a mobile truck repair company and custom coded their inventory/accounting system to increase the company’s efficiency and productivity. The company has successfully rebranded and continues to increase its ROI with its digital marketing campaign as the site and campaign has resulted in a 150% return. The company also saves time by ordering their products Just in Time instead of rushing to the parts store when they run out of inventory.

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