Silvercreek Canoes

PROJECT GOALSSilvercreek Canoes was founded by a Canadian Olympic Canoe maker by the name of Stu Robertson. He spent majority of his life working for Canoe companies and in 2014 he opened up his own storefront, Silvercreek Canoes. He wanted to develop a brand (logo, website) along with creating brand awareness through Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Management.


Difference Engine’s team created a custom logo for the company along with completing a simple clean informational website for customers to easily access information about Canoes. To assist with bringing traffic to the website our company started a digital marketing campaign for Silvercreek Canoes, specifically a Google Ad campaing and a Social Media Campaign. Our team created videos, and images to provide customers genuine content in their search for the perfect Canoe on his site.


Silvercreek Canoes every summer conducts different Social Media Campaigns and it always brings conversion for his company. Whenever a campaign is going on, Silvercreek receives a lot of calls and emails inquiring about products and cal His ROI over the past 2 years has been over 300% by using our team’s expertise in digital marketing.

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